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At Missouri Running Co. we are committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. We do this through an individual personal experience that starts with proper footwear, apparel, sports bras, nutrition, and accessories that are appropriate to meet your individual needs and goals. Not all products are right for all people. We do not charge for this service but ask that you are courteous and support us by purchasing the products you need from us, so we can continue to provide complimentary personal shopping and education within this industry at no charge.

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You will be greeted by one of our trained staff members who will ask you questions to learn where you are currently, what you are looking to accomplish and take into consideration any injuries, aches and pains. The background history is very important for us to understand to provide you with the most in depth information and product that is right for you.


We evaluate your foot through a series of movements both standing and in motion (i.e. running/walking). This allows us to determine how you move and the biomechanics of your gait, so we can best recommend the proper shoes for you.


After the assessment, we will bring out a few shoes that may work best for you. We carefully inspect the fit and watch as you run or walk in each shoe. We’ll discuss the options that put you in neutral alignment and provide you with our recommendations based on what we learned from you.


The choice is all yours! Only you know how the shoe feels so pick the one that feels best!


Now that you’ve made a decision on footwear, we will take the time to go through other products that you will need and/or want to help you reach your goals. We offer information on nutrition, bra fittings, and overall information and suggestions on other items that may improve your overall experience. We want to make sure that you know we are committed to taking care of you.



Our team is highly trained at fitting you for the right gear to meet your needs. We exist solely to offer a customized personal experience to meet our customers’ needs. However, we know that occasionally a product may not fit or work properly for you after you have purchased it. Please bring it back and our staff will help figure out the problem and come up with the right solution.


Running shoes last for 300-500 miles of use. On average, this means replacing shoes around every six months. There are several factors that can reduce the life of your shoe. Examples include a lightweight trainer will last fewer miles than a shoe with more cushion.
What you do in your shoes, the surface you are on, the frequency of use and many other factors will affect the length of time that your shoes will last. If you wear your running shoes to work all day, every day and stand on a hard surface, it's not unusual for your running shoes be worn out in as little as a month or two.


If you have an injury or ailment, getting fit for the right type of shoes can go a long way in aiding recovery. Many of our other injury prevention and treatment products can help too. If you are healthy, these products can help keep you healthy. Just keep in mind that we do not carry any magical cures.
We have products that will aid in recovery when used consistently. We are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose injuries, but we can help you get on the road to recovery and refer you medical professionals that can help.


We carry road racing shoes, cross country, and track and field spikes (seasonal). These shoes are designed to be lightweight to allow you to be fast. They typically last one season.


We carry only credible brands with a great reputation and we stand behind everything we carry. It doesn’t happen often, but if you encounter a manufacturer’s defect we will gladly exchange the product for one free of defects or a different product at the same purchase price.

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