Missouri Running Company is a great locally owned running specialty store.  They carry a large selection of running apparel and equipment.  What I like best about the store is that there is always someone on hand there who knows the merchandise and has extensive experience with all types of running to help me choose just the right shoes or equipment for my needs.  Not only do they have the best selection of quality running shoes at competitive prices, but they will analyze your foot structure and gait to help you find just the right model.  I also find that I turn to them for advice and suggestions to help improve my performance and enjoyment of running.  Don’t know what I’d do without them!

- Peggy Hill -

Missouri Running Company is the best - run small business I've ever found. Every employee knows the store products and can give you quality advice. The atmosphere is friendly and they treat everyone like valued members of their extended family. Missouri Running Company stocks a wide variety of shoes and they know how to help you pick the right one for your needs. When I walk in the store, they not only know me by name, but my preferred shoe brand and size! I highly recommend Missouri Running Company as your next stop for any running - related needs.

- Janet Cannon -

Most people don’t get excited about a new model of shoe, but I do. The Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3 is turbo-charged. They have put the great characteristics of the Precision in the Sayonara to make a dynamite shoe. This shoe would be great for a 5K or an Ultra. It’s also the shoe I will be wearing for my first hundred-miler in November. The Sayonara 3 is something special. A shoe review is just one person’s opinion - go to Missouri Running Company and ask to try on the Sayonara 3. Your feet will thank you later!

- Shannon Aldridge -

Missouri Running Co        ​